The Advocacy Never Ends

It Just Changes.

Two months ago, my dad was coming off a particular medication at the same time he developed a urinary tract infection. The result of both of these things was that my dad was feeling a lot of anxiety and it was coming out as impulsive behavior. This is not his usual M.O and he is a fall risk overnight because he was trying to get out of bed. The Director of the unit came to me and suggested I hire someone to be in his room overnight during the 11-7 am shift. I agreed to, on a temporary basis.

This adds effectively $3300/mo to his monthly expenses. I had intended that this was to be a temporary situation as I knew that once his UTI cleared and he got the medication out of his system, the impulsivity would subside. And now it has, for the most part.

My dad still has to be changed roughly every 2 hours due to his incontinence, but that was the case before all this happened and is the case for most of the residents in his unit. He is still calling out for help about once per night and as long as someone comes in and redirects him to go back to sleep, that’s all it usually takes.

I let this go on for about 2 months and now I’d like to discontinue this service. We have a new director and she is concerned about this. Effectively I am paying for 3 shifts of care through his care plan and then I am double paying for the 3rd shift. She is going to come in one night this week and observe what is happening and get back to me with what she’d recommend. I’d like to think that she will provide an objective opinion but I can’t help thinking that she might be biased as it helps her if I take that 3rd shift off her hands. She can redeploy her staff elsewhere. I’m not getting a rebate for that shift; I am double paying (in my opinion).

So it will be interesting to see what this week brings. I am expecting to have to put on my advocate’s hat and march in there and ask for a reduction in the cost of his care plan if they insist I keep the overnight staffing. Stay tuned…

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