This is about my journey taking care of my sweet 88 year old dad, who has Parkinson’s, spinal stenosis, a couple of heart stents and a few other minor ailments.  On this final journey together, he is battling Vascular Dementia, which has severely compromised his ability to communicate.  He converses with you, but it’s like he pulls out the incorrect words to use, so you get a string of words, which, when used together, make no sense.  I am now his voice, his advocate.

In early August, I moved him to an assisted living facility a few blocks from my home and placed him in the memory care unit.  I visit him every day and sometimes twice a day.  I am thankful I can do this as he deserves the very best care and I intend to make sure he gets it.

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  1. My mom had Louie Body Dementia which is a combination of dementia and Parkinson’s . My dad was fortunate enough to keep her home with the help of a few wonderful aides , myself (daughter) ,son in law and my brother. Now my dad is 83 and living in an independent facility with several issues of his own. I basically run his life as you do your dads. I tease him and say he is my second full time job. I love him and do what ever I can for him. Thanks for sharing your story.


    1. Thank you for your story! This journey cannot be walked alone. You are so lucky that your dad was still around to take care of your mom. You can now appreciate how exhausting that must have been for him!


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